How Muslims are treated in the USA

ABC News sets up hidden cameras and has 2 actors portray the discrimination that many Americans have to face today. The reactions of the people around them say a lot about the America we live in today.

Growing up and spending most of my life in NYC, I guess I’ve been a little sheltered from the prejudice and racism that may be found all over the country.

I’ll admit it. I teared up a little.



im amazed at how some of these americans stood up for the muslims.


Wow, the people who defended the women who was Muslim really brought me to tears. It feels so good to know that there are people who stand up for justice. Although I think this woman should never have to face such hatred.

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    aldakuuks:farhiie: this is one of my favorite videos for the people who stand up for their friends and family.
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    Honestly not knowing he was a actor I may have broken his jaw.
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    Oh my god. The last few minutes made me cry.
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    caraobrien:chos:exhilarating:farhiie: This made me cry. How dare people discriminate based on someone’s culture? Fuck...
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    via farhiie: I just got a taste via twitter of that awful Glenn Beck shit that’s been going down in Washington, and then...
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